20-26 September 2012
CPCE General Assembly, Florence

9-11 July 2012
Euro-Arab Meeting, Bossey

2-3 July 2012
Editorial Team for the Orthodox Handbook, Geneva

6-8 June 2012
Consultation on the Future of Theology, Oslo

31 May-3 June 2012
CiD Commission Meeting, Turku, Finland

29-30 May 2012
Consultation on Mission Unity, Turku, Finland

26-27 April 2012
CEC-CCEE Adhoc Working Group, "Islam in Europe", Paris



29-31 August 2011
Consultation on "Challenges and opportunities for the mission of the Churches in Europe today", Budapest, Hungary

24-26 June 2011
Second Annual Meeting of the CEC Churches in Dialogue Commission, Budapest, Hungary

22-24 June 2011
Consultation on "Visions of Unity in our Churches - Points of Convergence", Budapest, Hungary
Press Release: Visions on unity challenging ecumenism today

26-28 May 2011
Meeting of the Working Committee of the Graz Process, Graz, Austria 
Discussions include the relationship between Theological Education and Religious Studies.

4-7 April 2011
Meeting of the General Secretaries of the European National Councils of Churches, Warsaw, Poland

17-20 February 2011

Meeting of the Joint Committee CEC-CCEE, Belgrade, Serbia