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05.06.12 14:47

Participants in the Mission and Unity Consultation, May 2012

Mission and unity distinct yet inseparable          

Mission and unity both have their origin, power and goal in God. While mission expresses the unity that is given by God, unity gives credibility to the mission, states the final document of the consultation on Mission and Unity organised by the Churches in Dialogue Commission of the Conference of European Churches in Turku, Finland 29-30 May 2012.

The participants in the consultation, representing all the major church traditions in Europe, underlined that the Church can only credibly proclaim the reconciliation of human beings with God and with each other if it makes that reconciliation visible in its own life. The Church is the sign, instrument and foretaste of the unity of the new creation. However, where Christians remain divided, this essential nature of the unity of the Church is subverted. This is why both mission and unity involve deep commitment to faith, to the living of the Christian life and to dedicated effort to uphold the communion which is God’s gift to his people.

Being aware of the long chain of theological work done regarding the mission and unity of the churches, the participants of the consultation identified areas for further work where the CEC should offer a platform for deeper theological study. These include the content of unity in faith or whether the unity and mission of the Church require specific forms of ministry, such as episcopacy.

The consultation on Mission and Unity was organised in connection with the annual meeting of the Churches in Dialogue Commission of the CEC which took place in Turku, Finland, 31 May to 2 June 2012 and was hosted by the Evangelical Lutheran and Orthodox churches of Finland.

The full text of the final document


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