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Baptism in the Life of the Churches. Documentation of an orthodox-protestant dialogue in Europa Taufe im Leben der Kirchen. Dokumentation eines orthodox-evangelischen Dialogs in Europa
This bilingual publication (English/German) has been published jointly by CEC and the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE).  2010

Gebet und gottesdienstliche Spiritualität auf ökumenischen Tagungen, Hrsg. Viorel Ionita und Klaus Raschzok, Konferenz Europäischer Kirchen und Institut für evangelische Aszetik an der Augustana-Hochschule, Genf/Neuendettelsau, 2009.

Ziel dieser internationalen Konsultation war es, über Probleme und Chancen von Spiritualität und Gebet auf ökumenischen Tagungen zu beraten. In der gemeinsam verabschiedeten Schlusserklärung mit dem Titel "Liturgisches Vertrauen als geistliche Grundhaltung" betonten die Teilnehmer/innen die hohe Bedeutung der inneren geistlichen Haltung für die gottesdienstliche Spiritualität: "Diese gemeinsame geistliche Grundhaltung hilft mehr noch als formale oder inhaltliche Kriterien dazu, Gottesdienste anderer kirchlicher Traditionen als Lobpreis Gottes und Begegnung mit Gott zu erkennen und in gottesdienstlicher Gemeinschaft an ihnen teilzunehmen."


The Future of Ecumenical Theological Education in Eastern and Central Europe, edited by Viorel Ionita and Dietrich Werner, Conference of European Churches/World Council of Churches, Geneva, 2009.

The issue of Ecumenical Formation is top priority not only for ecumenical organisations but also for all churches. Learning about the relationship to other churches, as well as about the challenges all churches are facing in the world of today is a priority not only for church leaders and ministers, but also for the people of God as a whole. This task is mainly in the responsibility of the theological training institutions, which often have other priorities. All these aspects were discussed at the International Seminar on the Future of Ecumenical Theological Education in Eastern and Central Europe, organised jointly by CEC and WCC.



Dialogues between Orthodox and other CEC Member Churches, edited by Kaisamari Hintikka and Viorel Ionita, Reseptio 1/2009, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Helsinki, 2009.

On the recommendation of the 12th CEC Assembly held in Trondheim, Norway, CiD launched in 2007 an evaluation project on the dialogues between Orthodox and other CEC member churches. In the framework of this project, CiD organized in June 2008 a consultation in Pullach, Germany, to collect surveys and evaluations from twelve different dialogues on a global, European and local level. Each dialogue was observed from the viewpoint of both partners in dialogue.

This issue of Reseptio contains all the papers presented at the Pullach consultation, as well as a general bibliography including documentary and research material on the dialogues included in the evaluation project.


Understanding the Church. The compatibility of the understanding of the Church in the Porvoo Common Statement and  the Orthodox understanding of the Church, edited by Viorel Ionita, Conference of European Churches, Geneva, 2009.

Is the understanding of the Church in the Eastern Orthodox tradition compatible with that of the signatories of the Porvoo Common Statement (Nordic Lutheran and Anglican Churches)? The second Porvoo-Eastern Orthodox consultation was held in Sambata de Sus, Romania, from 27-30 March 2008, at the initiative of the Conference of European Churches. It offered some responses to a series of issues in relation to ecclesiology, and at the same time opened questions to be further clarified between the two families.


Essere Cittadino Dell'Europa e persona di fede. Cristiani e musulmani come partners attivi nelle societa Europee, in: Cristiani e Musulmani Cittadini e Credenti Europei, "Religioni e Sette nel mondo", 2009/2, CCEE/CEC/GRIS, Bologna, 2009.

This publication contains the full report of the European Christian-Muslim Conference "Being a Citizen of Europe and a Person of Faith. Christians and Muslims as Active Partners in European Societies", held in Brussels-Malines/Mechelen, 20-23 October 2008. The speeches are published in their original language.


Churches in Dialogue Commission Report, in: From Trondheim to Lyon, Activity Report to the 13th Assembly of the Conference of European Churches, Geneva, 2009.

1. Relations between the Orthodox churches and other member churches of CEC 2. Our common mission in Europe 3. Majority and minority churches 4. Cooperation among theological Faculties in Europe 5. Spirituality and worship life at ecumenical meetings 6. Theology of Religions in Europe 7. Ecumenical Formation in Europe 8. Heling of Memories.


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