Healing of Memories ProjectHealing of Memories Project

Healing of Memories - Bridge between Churches, Religions and Cultures.
Report May 2009

Healing of Memories (HoM) in Romania is an interdisciplinary exploration and consultation of the ecclesiastical, cultural, political and ethnic bases and interdependences in a religious-cultural border area between East- and West- and South East- European cultures and religion.

HoMRO is a common project of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) and the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe – Leuenberg church Fellowship (CPCE)[1] in Cooperation with the orthodox and protestant Member Churches of CEC und CPCE in Romania, the Roman Catholic Archbishoprics of Romania and the Greek Catholic Metropolia of Romania. Since 2006 the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania and the Muftiatul Cultului Musulman din Romania take part. Read more...

The Workshop on "Healing of Memories"
Trondheim, Norway, 18 May 2002

There needs to be a collective sharing of the pain and collective responsibility for dealing with the past and for the process of healing of memories. If not all have been there and cannot therefore personally and existentially remember, then there is the need for empathetic remembering, a solidarity in remembering. But the collective responsibility is also responsibility for the past. Read more...