Majority and Minority church relationshipsMajority and Minority church relationships


Communiqué - 6th Meeting of the CID Commission, Malaga, Spain, 14 May 2009

The reflection on the relationships between minority and majority churches has been a continuing concern for CEC. In addressing this topic the CiD Commission took at first stock of reflections, experiences and outcomes of previous consultations, such as Minority/Majority Churches in Europe – on the way to reconciliation and common mission (CEC Study Committee, Trondheim 1996) and Religious Freedom. Majority and Minority Communities in their relation to the State (Church and Society Commission of the CEC, Vienna 2002). This material formed the basis for the work of the Commission on the topic. Such work was organized along two main lines of reflection, as indicated by the CEC Central Committee at its meeting in December 2003, the first one being “to continue a process of consultation, promoting dialogue between majority and minority churches (…), leading to greater clarity about the way in which the terms “minority” and “majority” churches are used”...